A Quick Look at 5 Hidden Treasures on Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos is a Caribbean treasure trove of sights, sites and attractions. Whilst it isin 2017 well known that TCI is home to the world’s best beach and a number of the Caribbean’s best bars, including Da Conch Shack and Rum Bar, here isa quick look at 5 of TCI’s more hidden treasures to discover whilst holidaying in Turks and Caicos.

  1. Horse Stable Beach, North Caicos

Being made up of forty separate islands and cays glittering like flotsammed pirate loot within the Caribbean, TCI is famed for its beaches, not least that of Grace Bay which is currently voted the world’s best according to the Traveller Choice Awards 2016.

Hence, many of TCI’s best resorts and most popular tourist attractions are clustered around the Grace Bay locale and poised on the northern tip of Providenciales, which in turn is by far its most popular island with holiday makers.

For those looking for a beach that is off the beaten path though and none the less offers stunning sands, sea and scenery, give the little known of (at least amongst the tourists) Horse Stable Beach located on the island of North Caicos a visit.

There are numerous means of accessing Horse Stable Beach, with boat being the most commonly opted for, and getting there provides holiday makers with a wealth of sights to enjoy along the way and the opportunity to visit the nearby town of Whitby. Once there, the quiet, tranquil expanse of sand is simply stunning and provides a really special and secluded shore on which to wander, explore and sunbathe.

  1. Readymoney Gardens, Middle Caicos

ReadymoneyGardens is a small but none the less spectacular botanical haven located on Middle Caicos in Turks and Caicos.

Inside, the Gardens are a bounty of tropical plants, colours, scents and dug wells. Visitors will recognise the garden’s property from its characterful thatched roof and can explore as well as learn more about TCI’s exotic plant life, bush medicine, laze in its hammocks and see its own charcoal kiln in action, as well as take any number of routes and paths that snake the gardens themselves.

A great family attraction, there is also scope to make a day of a visit to Middle Caicos as the equally intriguing Conch Bar Caves and also the Crossing Point Trail are both popular nearby attractions. Meanwhile, for a great place to stop off for a drink, lunch or bite to eat along the way is the Last Chance Bar and Grill which is found on nearby North Caicos and serves up casual American Diner style fair. Alternatively though, and for some cuisine more centred on celebrating TCI’s own traditional cuisine, Mudjin Bar and Grill is also within easy distance and specialises in serving up nothing but the freshest TCI seafood going on Middle Caicos.

  1. Fire and Ice at The Blue Haven, Providenciales

As hailed via the TripAdvisor Traveller Choice Awards 2016, as one of the Caribbean’stop 25 resorts, The Blue Haven Resort found on the Island of Providenciales is so because it is not only a superb place to stay whilst in TCI, but quite simply because it so due to the fact that it offers a wealth of amenities not provided by any other resorts in the Country.

One of the newest resorts in the locale of Grace Bay, The Blue Haven’s most obvious and imposing additions is that of its own private marina enabling guests to literally arrive by private yacht. Meanwhile, those not so lucky as to own their own yacht can none the less enjoy the stunning views the marina provides.

Neither The Blue Haven nor its Marina is the reason it features on this list of hidden TCI treasures though. Rather, it is Fire and Ice, the resort’s onsite restaurant that makes The Blue Haven well worth stopping by whilst in Grace Bay. A waterfront and sophisticated restaurant facing Mangrove Cay and dotted with ambient fire pits, Fire and Ice offers up a contemporary Mediterranean menu using super fresh lobster, mussels, shrimp and fish fished in and around TCI.

  1. Balfour Town, Salt Cay

The main and only major settlement today to be found on the tiny island of Salt Cay, Balfour Town is unlike just about any other town travellers to TCi are likely to encounter. For that reason alone, and because a visit to Balfour Town provides the perfect reason to head over to Salt Cay for the day, or afternoon, it is well worth making the trip.

One of the oldest settlements in the whole of TCI, Balfour Town is home to a choice of three restaurants and Salt Cay’s only port. A quiet and quaint locale, the ‘hub’ or centre of action and busiest area of Balfour Town is down at Deane’s Dock which provides some fantastic diving and snorkelling opportunities and is also where the Salt Cay Community Ferry arrives and departs from.

To learn more about Balfour Town, head over to the Visit TCI website where you can also explore all of TCI’s different and separate islands and so plan an entire holiday of island hoping in TCI.

  1. Thursday Fish Fry at Bight Park, Providenciales

Every single Thursday at Bight Park in Providenciales, something very special takes place; the park fills with local musicians, entertainers, lights, people and a dazzling array of TCI cuisine. So popular amongst both locals and visitors to TCI, the event has become known not just locally but across the seas as covered for example by the CNN News article: Fish Fry Bridges Tourist-Local Gap on Turks and Caicos.

And CCN News with their article title alone explain exactly why the Fish Fry is quite such a special and spectacular place to be on any given Thursday; the festival and party atmosphere that totally light up this weekly going on combined with the heady mix of fantastic fresh seafood, and tourists from all over the globe and locals is quite simply a triumph and makes for an unbeatable evening out in Providenciales.

To learn more about the Thursday Fish Fry and what you can expect to find, discover and enjoy whilst there, continue your reading over at the Turks and Caicos Tourism website.