Discover the unique charm of Croatia on a boat

A thing that you probably have already heard of when speaking about your upcoming vacation in Croatia is that there is no place to ‘hide’ yourself from the crowdedness made by its popularity, especially in the last decade.

No matter how much this seems like a truth, the true beauty of Croatia and its wonderful island is that you can always discover new things to admire and enjoy for the duration of your holiday.

As much as Croatians have developed their inland transport – the sacred parts of this wonderful sailing destination are exactly where they should be – those hidden parts that you can reach in the commodity of your own boat.
Don’t own a boat? Luckily, this fact shouldn’t ruin your upcoming holiday, as you can simply rent a boat in Croatia and call it ‘home’ for the duration of your trip.

As Croatia is gaining popularity as a tourist destination, renting a boat in Croatia is made easier and more convenient, a thing that – for the sake of your precious Croatian moments, you should manage before arriving in Croatia.

Once you got this finished, the boat that matches your requirements is ready to start sailing through the wonderful coast and go island hopping to discover the unimaginable beauty of the Adriatic.

While it may seem like an easy task – making a list of things and places to see can come in handy.
Here are few tips on enjoying some unusual, yet magnificent spots at the Adriatic coast and its islands:

Hop on to Lastovo Island for the upcoming sailing holiday in Croatia

No matter how many times you go back in Croatia, there will always be places (read: islands, as there are more than thousand) that you still haven’t visited. While you may have plenty of time to visit the fantastic islands of Hvar, Vis, Brac, Krk – to name a few, you should utilize freedom of boat sailing in Croatia by visiting the place that will nurture your spirit and give your mind a totally new perspective.

The island that is undiscovered by many appears to be Lastovo – as the locals like to say: the edge of the world. This heaven on the Dalmatian sea, reached after a six-hour trip from the southern part of the Croatian part of the Adriatic – Korcula – is worth each minute spent getting there. Be prepared to meet the clearest waters and the wildness of the nature spread all around this island. The actual town of Lastovo, set well in the middle of the island will remind you of your wildest travelling dreams. Once you got there, don’t forget to visit the calmest bay you have ever seen, the so-called Skrivena Luka bay (The Hidden bay in Croatian). The number of touristy cafes and restaurants seem to have risen in the past years, but still, the serenity of the nature at this island is incomparable with any other Croatian spot.

After giving yourself the most priceless treat, your Croatian holiday may go on. Feel like you are lacking out of time to visit all those Croatian beauties? Don’t worry. The sailing season in Croatia lasts up to October.

Have a nice trip!