Shipping Luggage Isn’t Expensive but It Is Stress Free

You are going on holiday soon.

You’ve worked extremely hard for this relaxing time off.

You want every single second to be a joy.

And yet you haul your luggage with you on to the coach or train and in a taxi so that you have to contend with a blockade of oncoming fellow travellers, back and arm ache and a bag that insists on slipping from your shoulder at every opportunity. Don’t do this!

Let experts ship your luggage so that you can enjoy travel with peace of mind and no weightlifting. It’s a much more enjoyable way to handle luggage logistics.

Whether you need UK luggage couriers, door to door or door to cabin services there are several top rated experts to choose from. One of the newest in the UK is Tefra-bag’s Luggage Heroes.

However, they are not the new kids on the block, this is a German firm that’s had an excellent reputation in mainland Europe for over twenty years and they’re luggage logistics specialists who enjoy partnerships with every major German cruise company.

That’s a confirmation of excellence for them and a true confidence booster for clients. They’re doing things correctly, surpassing expectations and delivering cost effective efficiency.

The UK population can hire them, or one of their competitors, without stress or a heavy blow to the wallet.

It’s easy to fall under the impression that UK luggage couriers will charge a small fortune for a service which many travellers think of as a decadent luxury.

Happily, you don’t have to labour under that misapprehension any longer. Prepare to be amazed at the shipping luggage fees, VAT is included.

Home to ship/ship to home: Approximately £40-45 each way per item.

Home to destination/destination to home: Approximately £30-40 each way per item.

When you measure the fees against the cost of the holiday it’s a tiny outlay.

Do you really relish the thought of carting your luggage around with you to save a little cash?

A holiday is for rest and relaxation not recovery of equilibrium, strength and muscle flexibility, isn’t it?

Many of the UK luggage delivery couriers offer discounts or rebates when the outward and return unaccompanied baggage services are booked at the same time. Operators will advise you about applicable offers as you chat to them.

For travel across the Christmas and New Year period there’s still time to book your UK luggage couriers. Shipping luggage firms are able to handle extremely high volumes throughout peak seasons.

Via their luggage logistics networks and the use of unique luggage labels which they send to you pre-travel, you’ll find that your luggage will be waiting for you on board ship or at your UK destination.

There’s no need to worry that you’ll be in a cottage in the New Forest but your luggage will be taken to the Scottish Highlands.

Professionals like Tefra-bag Luggage Heroes don’t let that happen.

Take advantage of the freedom unaccompanied baggage handlers offer.