Strange Facts about The Culture Of Japan

We may all agree on the fact that Japan has a culture which is very much different from the rest of the cultures of the world. To some, it may be fascinating while to others it may be just weird. But no matter what, we all love to know deep dig into the unique cultural traits of Japan.

Facts about Japanese Culture

Here you go with some of the strange facts about the Japanese culture:

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  • Japanese people are known to have a thing for coffee. Almost 83% coffee produced by Jamaica is imported and consumed by the people of Japan.
  • The literacy rate is almost 100% in Japan which is the highest in the world. When it comes to studies, Japanese people are the most serious of the lot.
  • Japan has four different systems of writing which include romaji, katakana, hiragana, and kanji.
  • Sumo is considered to be the national sport of Japan. The origin of the sport dates back to the 8th century which began with a prayer for the harvest of fruitful rice but later it turned into a public sport where two men fight with each other in an enclosed ring. Sumo is a traditional sport which consists of atraditional dress and ancient customs.
  • The one thing that Japanese people are crazy about is the vending machine. Vending machines are something which you will find in plenty in Japan. Starting from beer to raw eggs, there’s a vending machine for everything.
  • Horse meat is considered to be a mouth-watering delicacy in Japan. The bravest way of serving the meat is as a raw thin slice which is dipped in soy sauce and is consumed with ginger.

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