The Ramblas: Barcelona’s arteries, as beloved as hated

The relationship of Barcelona with its Ramblas is an absolute love-hate relationship: a beautiful French style artery where every minimum detail is taken into account but whose influx of tourists and general public is so massive, because they are attracted by its peculiarities, that it’s almost impossible to go through it.

So, having an apartment for rent in LasRamblas, Barcelona, is having a view of one of the most beautiful corners of the city, a must for any visit to the Mediterranean capital, a place won by foreigners and lost by citizens.

An essential place to stroll

The reason the Ramblas are so loved as hated is because what is known as “boomtown”. It is such a special and charming place that no one wants to miss it, which turns the place in a continuous stream of people walking.

The fact that it is located between the most central square in Barcelona, ​​Plaza Catalunya, and the sea connecting them trough the iconic Columbus monument, already makes it a must stop, but if we add to this that the Liceu theater, Boqueria market, Plaça Reial, Miró’s mosaic and other places with strong cultural and charm attraction are also there, the sum is explosive.

As if that were not enough, one of fountains crowned by a lamp post located there, font de Canaletas, it’s the place chosen by the thousands of fans of FC Barcelona to celebrate its successes.


Tips to fully enjoy the Ramblas

Avoids sidewalks: the charm of the ramblas is being able to enjoy its central walkway, and although it is always full of people, it has sufficient space to not feel too burdened, something that does occur in their narrow side sidewalks.

  • Do not use it as a passage: to enjoy the Ramblas you have to fully dive into it, live them 100%. This requires that you enjoy it, that you stop at every monumental building in front of you and that you do not consider it just a passage or limit yourself to search like crazy for the Liceu or the Boqueria market.
  • Ravished at its sights, not its stops: stand in front of the unique facade of the Umbrella building or observe the modernist pharmacy or the Virreina Palace, but do not stop at its terraces. While there are a few decent exceptions, these places usually take advantage of being located in a tourist area and put very-poor-quality food (not, what you eat there is not an authentic Valencian paella or a quality sangria), at a very high price. To eat, flee from there and look for the authentic traditional Catalan food in its surroundings or in more populous neighborhoods.
  • Best to go from North to South: not only because the slight unevenness will help you to have a pleasant ride, but because as you approach the sea, la Rambla widens to the point that you will end up feeling suffocated with the beautiful Mediterranean views in all its glory.
  • Visit it day and night: it’s a completely different Ramblas… densely populated under the rays of the Sun and quiet and passive at night… but, only very late at night.