The Top 5 Places to Eat in Southport

  1. Khepri

Khepri is a Mediterranean restaurant based on Lord Street, in the heart of Southport. Where places to eat Southport are concerned, it’s one of the most versatile – serving incredible Mediterranean food by day, and transforming into a sensual and exotic Egyptian-themed nightclub by night, this restaurant has a revolving menu of Mediterranean, Arabic and North-African-inspired delicacies, from Baba Ghanouj and Tzatziki to Sambousek Lamb and Halloumi Kebabs, and a range of excellent Mediterranean and Arabic coffees, roasted to perfection and grown in the exotic and nourishing climates of their native lands to create the best possible cup.

Once the sun goes down, Khepri undergoes an incredible transformation, changing in moments from an airy Mediterranean restaurant to a thrilling nightclub, with exciting special events, promotions and offers available every week, so there’s always something new and vibrant going on.

In addition to this, their kid’s menu contains a range of smaller meals suitable for fussy eaters, and the entire menu is designed to be a healthy, low-fat and high-protein, high-vitamin alternative to other restaurant fare – with all local, fresh ingredients and a selection of authentic Mediterranean and African spices and herbs to ensure the best possible flavour.

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If you’re looking for places to eat Southport, Khepri has it all – healthy, delicious and exotic foods, a great kid’s menu, excellent ingredients, stunning coffee, and, best of all, if you hang around long enough, it turns into a nightclub!

  1. The Chunky Duckling

An old English pub with a twist, this gorgeous restored Edwardian building serves only duck-based meals, from duck spring rolls to hoisin crispy duck, duck a l’orange and duck’s-egg omelette. You can even get duck egg cheesecake and duck egg soufflé if you’re in the mood for something sweeter!

Their side dishes and drinks don’t have to exclusively include duck products the way their main dishes, sandwiches, desserts and furniture do, but they do tend to stick to the theme, with “OldeMallarde” ale and similar drinks for sale at the polished pondwood bar.

  1. The Jasmine Dragon

A tea house specialising in East-Asian teas and pan-Asian cuisine, the Jasmine Dragon’s proprietor, Iroh, is a local celebrity for his endless good cheer and expertise in all things tea-related. A lifelong lover of tea, his passion transfers over to the Jasmine Dragon, where patrons can sit and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, or even take in a few games of PaiSho while they unwind.


A must for lovers of traditional Nepalese cuisine, GYATSO is a beautiful, airy building located on the edges of Southport, with an assortment of dumplings, broths and Nepalese drinks for sale.

  1. The Cork and Screw-top

An Irish pub with a rich, varied food menu including a Continental Breakfast (European-style) which features Turkish donut pits, Greek yoghurt and Danish pastries baked to perfection in Brussels, among other things. Their drinks menu includes Irish classics and local ales – including craft beer with unique local flavours that have been described as “extremely hoppy.”

As you can see, there are no shortage of places to eat Southport – you just need to find the best one for you!