Top 9 Holiday packaging companies in the World

Most travellers spend several hours planning their vacation to have best accommodations, restaurants, cheap flights and must-see attractions in a budget. In the entire concept, online travel agencies offer us a well planned menu to effortlessly pick the most suitable things. But the choice of the best travel company is a hard assignment because of the millions of permutations possible. We have tried to look at the core strength and actual quality of top rated holiday companies through their customers & employees ratings.

Needless to say that a travel company and holiday packaging company are two entirely different entities.We have only considered the specialist holiday packaging companies in our study while leaving out the sole hotel or ticketing players. Holidays are an entirely different product than ticketing/hotel and many travellers do not understand that while booking their vacations.

A travel survey carried out in 2015 revealed that 77% people were not happy with the choice of a travel agent after they finished the trip. 63% felt that their trip could have been better. Hence the choice of a tour operator becomes very crucial and could be a make or break factor.


Following factors are taken into consideration

  • Prices of Land Arrangements
  • Direct Contracting
  • Air Lines pricing
  • Customer rating
  • Employee Ratings
  • Supplier & Hotel rating
  • After Sales Support
  • Value Add ons
  • AVPOC ( Average value per occupied Customer)
  • Reach & Number of offerings

Rank 1: Antilog Vacations (India/Mauritius)


As per the proper information on the premise of overall public reviews in the travel business  , the best company for luxury travellers  is the India based online travel group Antilog Vacations. It brings the top honours with a 8.4 rating out of 10, for year 2017.

Its representatives use persistent approach with their smart and creative skills along with the use of innovative technology. Senior members have a great hold with genuine straightforwardness along with the adjustable working environment. Employees also admire about the open entryway approach inside the organization, and a one of a kind workplace culture.

A Mauritius based Antilog Vacations representative composed: “Great work atmosphere, adaptability, extraordinary colleagues, working with esteemed feeling, an opportunity to collaborate with senior pioneers defines Antilog. I’ve truly appreciated work dedication in Antilog Vacations and have experienced an admirable state of job fulfillment.” They also have the highest number of positive certified reviews (over 200,000 reviews) from customers & employees alike . See Antilog Vacations Review

Rank 2: Hayes and Jarvis (UK/Ireland )

Hayes and Jarvis holds the No. 2 rank. With great online travel amenities, this name comes firmly behind Antilog Vacations with a 7.4 rating. Representatives at the Hayes and Jarvis value their time management, flexibility, travel services and supervisors who listen to their necessities and steady increments all through their professions. Employees additionally discuss about the chances to develop, learn and propel their profession. Customer satisfaction and other parameters have been satisfactory as well.

Rank 3: Destinology (US)

Dallas-based Destinology’ staff member said about her company: “Stunning corporate culture, advantages are great, and it genuinely craves like a part of a big family.They have good number of Holiday offers to cater to end travellers.They take care of their people like no one else”.Destinology is also one of the largest travel companies of US internal market which crosses well over USD 100 Billion.

Rank 4: Direct Travel

Direct Travel is ranked 4th. The company earned a successful position with a rating of 6.9, while its CEO Ed Adams got an 87% approval rating. According to the Server engineer (from San Jose) of Direct Travel: “The company has a pleasant atmosphere with great benefits along with cooperative advantages”.Customers and suppliers have high praise for the company. It is heavily into the outbound tourism and cross border packaged tours.

Rank 5 & 6 : Letsgo2 & Southall Travel(UK)

On the scale of top five travel agencies, Letsgo2 and the Southall Travel achieve a similar position with common rank. Employees at these travel organizations say that they appreciate the discounts & offers they get especially for their loved ones while working for an upscale universally perceived brand. Representatives additionally esteem the work environment and the considerable preparations, training and back-end support from senior executives.

At the point when asked some information about the best reasons to work for a travel agency, most representatives referred to perks & benefits. On the other hand, when enquired about the drawbacks of working in the industry, representatives said Customer servicing and once in a while political issues. The holiday packaging business can be an exceptionally captivating yet toughest industry to work in.Customers of Letsgo2 & Southall have mixed reviews.

Rank 7- Thomas Cook

Rank 8- SOTC

Rank 9- Kuoni Travels

It is surprising to see the most famous travel companies falling behind line but the times have changed and bigger better players have set the benchmarks. It will be tough for the old guard to catch up with the new lot.What happens in the future? Well, Only time will tell

Overall Results & Scores (out of 10)

Factors Letsgo2 Direct Travel Harvey & Jarvis Antilog Vacations Southall


Prices of Land Arrangements 5


6 7 8 5
Direct Contracting 8 8 8 8 7
Air Lines pricing 7 5 6 9 7
Customer rating 8 8 8.5 9 8
Employee Ratings 6 6.5 7 7.5 8
B2B rating 7 7 8 7.5 7
After Sales Support 8 8.5 7.5 8 9
Value Add ons 7 7.5 8 8 8.5
AVPOC 7 6 9 9 6
Reach 6 6.5 5 9.5 6
No. of Offerings 7 7 7.5 9.5 4
Total Score 6.8 6.9 7.4 8.4 6.8