Top East European Cities to Visit

East Europe has a whole variety of cities that can be explored with an unlimited amount of beautiful places to go, delicious cuisine, numerous things to do and all that within a reasonable budget. So if you are planning to visit Europe this season, it’s a good idea to consider visiting the Eastern end for a change. Here are a list of places you could go to.

  1.    Ljubljana, Slovenia-If you want a city that is filled with greenery and very little traffic congestion then Ljubljana is the perfect fit for you. This ancient city used to be a Roman outpost and is around 2000 years old. The city center has a strict restriction on cars, making the environment greener, and pollution free. You can walk around the old streets and explore the wide variety of museums that exhibit both ancient and modern art. Ljubljana is a city known for backpackers and that means all the hotels, restaurants and bars and cafes are all budget friendly.
  2.    Dubrovnik, Croatia- Located in the very south of Croatia, Dubrovnik is a city that famous for being the peaceful vacation retreat. Located along the blue Adriatic Sea, there are numerous beaches here that can be explored as well as countless numbers of history museums. There is the cable car that starts from the top of the Srd Hill which will give you the breathtaking views of both the city and the sea.
  3.    Krakow, Poland- If you are looking for a city that is the perfect mix of the old and the new then Krakow is your destination. Once there, you should head for the Old Town which is anything but boring. It contains all the modern cafes, boutiques, restaurants and different kinds of bars. On the other hand, there are many museums, memorials, and the Schindler Factory. You can explore the history of the Jewish people over there as well.
  4.    Tbilisi, Georgia- One of the fastest rising tourist spots in the Eastern Europe is the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. This particular city is somewhat a mix between the Asian and European culture and that’s just one of many reasons to travel there. Starting with their city architecture, Tbilisi is a mix of the 5th century housings as well as the 21st-century Soviet-style government buildings. While the city buildings are wow-worthy, the people living in them are warm hearted. They are always curious to meet foreign people and will go out of their way to help you with any sort of queries including finding places to visit, things to do or even taking you out for some drinks. And speaking of things to consume, the local cuisine is so broad that you can have a new dish for every meal for every day.
  5.    Azerbaijan – You are forgiven if you have no idea regarding this country. Azerbaijan is one of those remote countries that is blessed with natural resources and has a whole lot to offer to their tourist.  It is rich with culture and history and with recent developments brought on by their government, they have opened their gates to tourism. You can visit different palaces, mosques, mausoleums, and even thermal springs in different parts of this country. In Surakhani, there is a particular site where exists the eternal flame. It is said that this flame has been burning forever and happens to be one of the most visited sites in the country.
  6.    Kotor, Montenegro- Kotor is one of those cities that will make you fall in love with it the minute you lay your eyes on her. The city has got ancient city walls surrounding it and the backdrop of the vast blue bay only adds to the beauty of the place. Taking a walk inside the city is a treat itself as you will enjoy the labyrinth –like streets as they twist and curve alongside the city walls. The cuisine of Kotor is heavily influenced by the Italians and the Medditereans. They serve excellent seafood that complement the many wines they have.
  7.    Budapest, Hungary-Dubbed as the Pearl of the Danube, Budapest is actually two cities linked together by the magnificent bridge across the Danube River. The local cuisine in Hungary is something to try especially their different desserts which are world famous. There are different hot-spring bathhouses which are the ultimate relaxing spots in the city that is sure to relax your tired bones.   
  8.    Riga, Latvia- Looking for something a bit more different than the rest of Europe? Then look no further than Riga, Latvia.  Riga is mostly known for all their architecture. Most of their buildings were built in the gothic style with gargoyles on top. There are many shaded plazas to go with the numerous gingerbread homes. In terms of things to do at Riga, the city is near the River Daugava and the Baltic Sea. This means there are numerous opportunities for boating, swimming, and other water activities. Different kinds of museums are there for the art lovers to explore and the multiple saunas in the city provide a relaxing place for all the tourists to cure their jet lag.

That wraps up our top Eastern European cities to travel. Next time somebody plans a trip to Europe make sure you shortlist these cities for a newer and more exciting experience.