Top Pacific Coast Highway Stops

One of the most legendary and scenic roadways in the US, the Pacific Coast Highway attracts thousands of RV adventurers per year. Running over 500 miles along the coastline of California, the PCH truly is road trip heaven, featuring sweeping ocean views and a string of Californian towns and cities along the way. Plus, the temperate California weather allows for trips during seasons you would avoid in other areas. The next time you’re heading to your RV Rentals store with adventure in mind, don’t overlook a trip down the California coast on this scenic highway.

There are countless scenic stops along this route, but when planning your trip you should definitely pencil in the following places to check out along the way.

Chandelier Drive-Thru Tree

That’s right, this is a tree so huge that you can actually drive through it. You may have heard all about how massive redwoods exist in Northern California, but you won’t get a real feel for it until your rig actually passes through one. Located in Leggett at the Northern end of Highway 101, this is the perfect way to start or end your journey, depending on which way you are traveling up the coast.

Point Arena Lighthouse

Right in Mendocino County, on the edge of an often-fog-shrouded and rocky shore, you will find the tallest lighthouse on the West Coast. Tourists can venture to the top of the structure for an amazing view of the coast. This is truly a top California landmark and has been used in countless films, so you will definitely want to keep it on your sights list for your journey aboard your Apollo RV rental.

Bodega Bay

Stretching almost 20 miles along the coast, Sonoma Coast State Park is a stop you will most certainly want to make on Highway 101. There are many access points to the coast along the road, but the most majestic of them is Bodega Bay. From here you can look out from towering cliffs and, if you’re lucky, spot yourself some gray whales.


No Highway 101 road trip would be complete without a stop in Monterey, and if you’re looking for quant towns then you will find exactly what you desire at Carmel. Full of historic cottages and lined by beautiful beaches, this is an experience you won’t soon forget. For a small, quiet town there is lots to do as well, including many eateries and shops.

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

Also in Monterey, point Lobos offers incredible views of the ocean and forests, including a number of coves and wildlife. Here you will find whales, sea lions, sea otters, and harbor seals. This majestic wild beach is truly a sight to behold, and you can easily spend an entire day wandering the coves and taking in the sights.

There is a reason that Highway 101 is considered the ultimate road trip in the country. With its incredible sights, warm California sunshine, and miles and miles of quant small towns, there is really no way to beat this historic roadway.