What to expect when visiting Turkey for the first time?

East, west, home’s best. If this is your favorite saying, then you doubtlessly should explore the one and only country that both physically and culturally connects the east and the west. Though it may seem unreal at first, Turkey can easily become your home, a place where you feel calm and where exciting things happen if you are open to them. Therefore, the saying above can be literally transformed into ‘East, west, Turkey’s best’. Wondering why? The answer is clear: With an infinite list of things to be seen and done in this enchanting country, sailing in Turkey on a private yacht can easily become a breathtaking experience.

But, before you become overwhelmed with tips on where to go and what to do while in Turkey, don’t forget the most important step: charter a yacht from Book2Sail.com in few easy steps, and most importantly – budget friendly prices for the coolest yachts that will be the start (and sadly the end) of your perfect Turkish getaway.

Get the utmost out of Turkey at the upcoming sailing season

With all those easily available itineraries for a sailing holiday in Turkey, you can assume that it’s almost impossible that you explore everything Turkey can offer, especially when you have the freedom to go wherever you want with the coolest yacht and the irreplaceable crew with you.

So, let’s make it straight: At a rough estimate, there are 3 things you just must do while in Turkey:
Visit the perfect coastline sites (including fishing villages, remember: you are a sailor); explore the best cultural attractions and taste the irreplaceable Turkish specialties.

Let’s start relaxed: The first thing you should do while yachting in Turkey is spoil yourself by stopping at some cool, restful beach and spend few all-dayers full with swimming or simply gazing the clear turquoise waters. (Tip: for this purpose, don’t miss the beach of Cirali – the top secret isolated village in the famous Antalya). Still, don’t forget that there are lots of sights waiting to be seen during your holiday.

For someone that decided to yacht charter Turkey, the crowdy touristic (well, still sparkly in their own way) places such as Kemer, Kusadasi, Antalya and Kemer shouldn’t be a priority. Fetihye, on the other hand, a port town well set on the turquoise coast has a handful of villages close one to another and lots of iconic architecture waiting to be discovered.

While you are there, don’t forget to ask about the directions to the hippiest bay in this area – Kabak bay.  Besides enjoying the views of the old mosques and idyllic streets set in Fethiye, you should definitely take few hours to enjoy a time in a hamam – a traditional Turkish bath that can be found in few buildings in Fetihye.

For directions to a hamam or anything else that you decide to visit in Fetihye (or Turkey in general) – don’t hesitate to ask a random person on the streets or cafes – Turkish people are more hospitable than you could ever imagine.
Don’t miss Hagia Sophia Museum, Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace in Istanbul before you head up to some good restaurant (you can’t muff this one, since the crowdy once are most often the best restaurants in Turkey) and fill your appetites with some great Turkish specialties.  

Tasting the best of Turkey: Fish, doner and baklava

It’s not unknown that Turkish cuisine stands among the most varied cuisines in the world. With lots of fresh seafood that can be found in the classier restaurants, the old, good Doner kebabs, as well as tons of vegetarian dish varieties, all available at reasonable prices – Turkey won’t leave you hungry.

Finally, don’t forget to try the tasty original Turkish baklava, especially the one with pistachios with a cup of strong flavored Turkish coffee. You can even buy a good pack of this yummy desert and bring it home so you recall the lovely memories of the turquoise adventure through the taste of the lovely baklava.

At least until you come back in Turkey – again.