Working Weekend? Make the Most of Your Business Trip with these 5 Outstanding Locations

If you are going on a business trip and it’s not to an obvious location like one of the headline cities, you might wonder what there is there to hold your interest beyond your meetings and whether to extend your stay into the weekend.

The answer to that question would be that there are plenty of things to do and see over a working weekend if you end up in one of these following great locations.

Plenty of sights and landmarks in Oklahoma

One example of a fine city that deserves your attention over a weekend if you are planning to be in the area is Oklahoma.

This midwestern U.S state offers a diverse landscape to explore such as the iconic Great Plains and many hills, lakes, and forests besides.

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Away from the abundant nature in the great outdoors there are some places of interest to put on your itinerary such as the Oklahoma City Museum and the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum if you want to get a sense of the history that shaped this part of the country.

Marvelous Minneapolis

Minneapolis has gained a well-deserved reputation for being a great place to start a business because of its infrastructure, highly-educated workforce, and advantageous tax rates.

That means you might find yourself doing business in Minneapolis and maybe staying at somewhere like The Hotel Minneapolis. It also gives you the perfect excuse to stay a bit longer and do some exploring.

This major city is a jewel in the Minnesota crown and if you want to get a sense of what this place is all about the Chain of Lakes gives you a true sense of how connected to the waterways local people are.

If you would like to soak up some culture the Minneapolis Institute of Art will offer you the chance more than 80,000 different works of art encompassing all styles and ages.

Come to Cambridge

Cambridge in Massachusetts is the home of Harvard and MIT, which gives you a sense of how significant the place is a business hub and a venue for talented entrepreneurs, especially when it comes to growth industries like biotechnology.

The area enjoys a vibrant performing arts scene as well as boasting an enviable collection of museums and top restaurants.

One suggestion would be to enjoy a weekend stroll through Harvard Square and take in a show after your meal.

Des Moines has its own personality

Des Moines might be sandwiched in between the Missouri and Mississippi rivers and primarily renowned for its rolling plains but it is also a place that deserves to be noted for its contemporary art collections.

Growth industries in Des Moines include scientific research and development, manufacturing and computer-systems design and there is little doubt that the city definitely punches above its weight.

Take time to explore the area after you have concluded your business and you won’t be disappointed.

Stunning Seattle

This city is a magnet for young talent and that is demonstrated by the fact that corporate giants like Amazon and Microsoft call this place home.

If you want to enjoy some notable attractions during your stay in Seattle you don’t have to look any further than the Space Needle and the Seattle Center Monorail.

The Space Needle was built for the 1962 World Fair and quickly gained traction as an instantly-recognizable symbol of the city. Take an elevator ride to the top for a great view of the city.

After you have been up to the top of the needle take the monorail for a unique ride that speeds you between skyscrapers while you look down on the city streets.

If you find yourself doing business in any of these locations you will be rewarded if you decide to spend some of your time there exploring the sights and attractions.

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